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Hello, Sign In! Home Lowering Coilovers. Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of coilovers to ensure that you have every coilover kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of coilovers, so that whether you are looking for a Tein coilovers suspension kit or KW coilovers or Megan coilovers or anything in between, we've got it for you.

Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your coilover kit needs! Select Your Vehicle. Shop Coilovers by Vehicle.

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Choose Your Vehicle:. Not able to find what you are looking for? Click here to view more Coilovers on eBay. Installing a set of coilovers will give your ride a whole new level of performance and suspension adjustability reserved in the past for only high end race cars.

The ability to corner balance and fine-tune your suspension with various settings for different road and track conditions will give you a new appreciation for what your ride is capable of, especially during cornering. When trying to choose between your different coilover options, keep in mind that the more established and often more expensive brands have much more research, engineering, and track testing behind them, and are valved specifically to work best with your particular vehicle.

If you are building a high-performance vehicle or a show car, a lowered suspension is a must-have modification.

The Best Suspension Brands

However, many full coilover kits are prohibitively expensive. But that doesn't mean that you have sacrifice performance with cut springs; coilover sleeves offer many of the benefits of a full coilover at a fraction of the cost. With aftermarket coilover sleeves you add a tunable spring perch to your OEM shocks to give you full ride height adjustability.

Here at Andy's Auto Sport we have an excellent selection of coilover sleeves for you to select from. This is the perfect modification for the budget minded enthusiast. Most coilovers are adjustable for height and damping, and a select few feature threaded shock bodies that allow ride height to be adjusted separately from the coil spring adjustment, which lets you dial in your spring preload for the ultimate in suspension tuning.

You can even swap out your coilover springs with other springs of various rates to adjust your ride quality and stiffness. Coilovers with adjustable damping sometimes have up to 32 levels sometimes referred to as "clicks"although most enthusiasts will skip a click since the difference from one level to the next can be very minute. Suspension tuning is a crucial element of maximizing your vehicle's performance.

Unfortunately not all driving surfaces require the same suspension setup. Perhaps the biggest advantage of coilover sleeves is their adjustability.

coilovers brands

Thanks to a threaded spring perch design, the simple twist of a wrench can raise or lower your suspension depending on whether you are tacking pot-hole riddled streets or are about to hit the glassy smooth race track. In addition coilover sleeves use standard sized coilover springs so it is easy to swap spring rates and your choice of springs are seemingly endless.

This is one of the best suspension upgrades you can make. Q: How do you install coilovers? A: Depending if you opt to go with the full coilover systems or the coilover sleeves, the spring and strut housing will need to be removed. Once the factory coil springs and struts are removed they can be replaced with the full coilover setup. If you're using a coilover sleeve then the factory spring will be removed from the strut setup and replaced with the coilover sleeve unit.

A professional shop should install your coilovers as an alignment and corner-balancing services will need to be done at the same time the installation is completed. Q: Why is there such a huge price difference between some coilovers? Are there different types of coilovers? A: There are two different kinds of coilovers: full coilover systems and coilover sleeves.Basically, just want to lower the Z and would like something reliable. I don't want something that.

Best coilover brands for street use? I don't want something that needs to be modified, rubs, or any other annoyance. Looking for a setup that will bolt-on hassle free and is a quality piece.

Originally Posted by LiquidZ. Originally Posted by LaSeeno. A lot cheaper too. I just don't want to ghetto rig my ride. I'd recommend the Eibachs as well. Edit: Actually, how much are you looking to lower your car? The spring rates are slightly different as well if I'm not mistaken. PM me if you have rare JDM parts for sale!

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Springs will be fine, but remember with coilovers the shocks and springs are matched or at least they should be.

In coilovers, the shocks are designed valved for compression and rebound around the spring rates vs with just springs, you will use the oem shocks or aftermarkets koni, kgbs, etcand since they aren't designed together, they will either fail earlier can't handle the difference in performanceor won't feel exactly right.

I have had springs with aftermarket shocks on many sports cars, and it is an affordable way to go, but they are usually not as smooth or comfortable sometimes even jittery.

I lot of design goes into the way shocks and springs work together, and when mismatched, they don't work exactly like they should. On the otherhand, an affordable coilover, of which I have been looking at, and others on this forum have talked positive about is the BC Racing BRs under 1k.

Good luck with whichever route you go. Originally Posted by speedworks. That's why I assumed I would buy the whole deal. The Z is only a 30k car but I don't want to do just springs if it's going to ride like a 10 year old DSM. Hey man if you can afford coilovers and want some do it. Most here seem to be happy with the eibachs so I'm looking forward to it. GL finding the right setup for your Z. Originally Posted by 1slow From my personal experience I have had better luck with the tanabe's.

I've just had some friend's that have had their springs starting to sag and underperform after a long period of use. BB code is On. Smilies are On.On the other hand, if you plan on tracking your car regularly, you might want to invest in coilovers that will give you the best tuning ability to shave every second off the road course. Using a mono-tube design, these coils are three-way adjustable and offer the most adjustment range for the FR-S today. The rebound forces rely on preloaded jets utilizing specific needles and the main compression forces are managed by a versatile pre-configurable blow-off valve, not to mention the compression adjustments are separate—high speed is adjusted on the remote reservoir while low speed is on the piston rod.

These babies are the best track options you can buy for the FR-S and are also available in a number of other applications as well! On their 4th generation design, these coils are designed to react differently at low and high speeds to give you the best control, response and comfort. The mono-tube dampers are also step rebound adjustable. Their Street Performance coilovers are all custom-valved and engineered using progressive rate springs for the best performance and control possible.

HKS Hipermax Max4GT Designed in-house by HKS Japan, these mono-tube design street coilovers feature 30 levels of damping adjustment and a special piston and movable floating valve to help improve ride comfort for the street. They also have adjustable lowering mounts and a pillow ball design to eliminate noise.

The mono-tube coils come with an month warranty for added assurance.

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Raceland On the tightest budget of all? The coilovers allow you to dial in your suspension with the included pillow ball mounts and camber plates. Rokkor Affordabilty is the key to Rokkor. Pictured here are the EM2 Honda Civic coilovers that offer " of lowering adjustability. Their coilovers have all the same safety Germany TUV approvedquality and performance characteristics from KW without the steep price of high-end models.

They feature preset dampening rates and are optimized to give you a comfortable and sporty ride. Want to win a free set of ST Suspensions coilovers? E-mail superstreet gmail. Good luck! Tanabe Sustec Pro Z40 Tested on the track, these Tanabe coilovers have also been put through the hardest real world scenarios to give you the best performance possible.

They feature a special tapered locknut that prevents it from becoming loose during harsh driving, while also constructed using a twin-tube design and KYB dampers that are way dampening adjustable. TruHart also offers camber kits, control arms and bushings at stellar prices. This will allow for more precise suspension tuning while still maintaining full strut travel at all times.

A good choice for the weekend track guy on a tighter budget. The mono-tube coils are way dampening adjustable and are tested tuned for each application. But these will only be offered in limited quantities so brownie points if you can get your hands on a set of these. Ksport GT Pro As opposed to standard coilovers, these Ksport GT Pros are the business using an oversized 55mm inverted mono-tube shock body for better performance.

The way adjustable coilovers also come with camber adjustability up front. KW Clubsport Designed for the guy who daily drives his car but also spend his weekend on the track with a set of track tires, the Clubsports are some of the most popular used suspension around. They allow you to adjust the suspension geometry with option top mounts, plus allow you to independently adjust rebound and compression to fine-tune all those kinks for the fastest lap time.

BLOX Racing Drag Pro Series Designed strictly for drag racing, these coilovers will help drag racers get setup properly to adjust the ride height and corner weights to help compensate for front-end lift and rear-end squatting. To let you fine-tune your car on the track for the best lap times possible.

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Ksport Version RR Built specifically for road racing, these Ksports use a similar mono-tube design as all their other coilovers but are reengineered with more aggressive spring rates and valving for maximum handling performance.A Coilover is arguably one of the best upgrades that you can add to your vehicle.

With adjustable height settings and a smoothened outride, this little addition is bound to change the way you view your vehicle! The process within itself could be a little daunting. However, with the right set of motivation and direction, you can land yourself something pretty sweet. You can juxtapose all of them and get a better idea of what you should get based on the specs provided! Without further ado, here are our top 10 picks of the best coilovers for daily driving!

Arguably one of the best coilovers currently on the market, the Yonaka Full Coilovers Suspension Shocks Springs, has many redeeming factors that warrant its spot so high up. For starters, these fully threaded monotube shock absorbers have an all-aluminium upper mount.

coilovers brands

This ensures longevity and durability under duress and pressure. To prevent any damage caused by rapid compression packs, this model also includes an inner bump stop. Furthermore, you can also get several height adjustments for it to meet your requirements. Just ensure that you follow the manual as is.

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In some cases, it can also work as a direct fit without any adjustment required. This might lead to a few extra minutes worth of installation time. If you have an Acura Integra and are looking for the right fit, then this is it! Check Latest Price. Hence, we highly recommend this model to all sorts of users out there. The main feature that this model boasts is that it makes the collective process quite easy and straightforward.

The easy and adjustable knobs allow for quick fine-tuning compression and rebound. Another interesting thing is that it is quite easy to adjust how stiff or how soft you want your ride.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When it comes to brand performanceit boils down to the biggest players on the market and their top-ranked suspension systems that will get you the best bang for your buck. There are hundreds of suspension and handling brands out there, but only a dozen that truly stand out from the crowd for being the best in a specific category.

Other suspension brands have a less consistent track record in these categories, but they definitely have top-quality products dedicated to specific parts of a suspension, such as torsion bars leveling kitsleaf spring kits and more.

Shocks and struts play a fundamental role in a suspension system. They are responsible for damping spring movement and reducing oscillation. Although they function similarly, shocks and struts are different parts and cannot be used to replace one another. A vehicle will either have a shock or a strut at each wheel but never both.

So what is the difference between shocks and struts? A shock absorber prevents the car from bouncing and improves handling. They are not essential in getting your ride to operate. However, they play a great part in ensuring driving is comfortable. Since struts support the weight of a vehicle, they are fundamental in getting a vehicle to operate.

These struts merge the spring and strut assembly as a single component to eliminate the upper control arm. Ranked by user reviews left on our website, the list of the highest-rated manufacturers looks like this:.

Inthe company entered the automotive scene when it began manufacturing chrome-plated bumpers and side-car jacks. In the s, BILSTEIN started to make and develop innovative shock absorber technology and has ever since been revolutionizing the damping technology, one shock at a time. Koni Another leading manufacturer of adjustable shocks, KONI has become a dominating force to be reckoned with. KYB Founded inKYB boasts the largest production volume of any automotive shock absorber manufacturer in the world.

With a staggering number of facilities spread across 32 locations in 21 separate countries, KYB is not only of the best but definitely among the largest suspension and handling brands operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Check out KYB if you are after oil and gas shock absorbers, high-pressure monotube shocks as well as dual-tube ones. TEIN specializes in top quality suspension components for street applications, designing performance products specifically for the Americas — products that are not available anywhere else in the world. TEIN designs and makes its spring rates, valving, ride height, and ride height adjustability specifically for the road conditions of the USA and Canada.

You cannot go wrong with TEIN!Katapult, the perfect financing option for customers with zero or fair credit, offering 90 days same as cash rates! Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Shop By Vehicle. Select Model. Select Year Select Model Cobalt. Select Model G35 G Select Model SLK.

coilovers brands

Select Model MGB. Select Year All. Select Model Evolution Lancer. Select Model Select Model 86 Celica. Select Year. Shop By Make. No Retailers, No Markups! See how we do it!

17 Best Coilover Suspension Kits to Upgrade Your Ride

Review Title. Awesome product love the difference and great experience wth you guys. Awesome wind screen! Perfect fit! Great price and fast shipping! I purchased the Gen 3 Mazda 3 primo damping adj coilovers and after installing them and adjusting them I took a glance at my car a Read More.

Really changes the way my car feels. Love them. I was rubbing my tires on old stock suspension with bigger wheels but now I'm lowe Great quality low price love the keychain included!There are several different brands, styles, and types out there, and we are asked daily which kit is the best route to go for.

Which setup you choose is really more about what you plan to do with the car. The most expensive kit is not always going to be the best option. There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping. Most coilovers on the market will use a pillow-ball upper mount. This means a spherical bearing is used as the joint between the strut assembly and the top-hat, where it mounts to the car.

A pill0w-ball will produce sharper, more precise handling, but it will also transmit vibration and harshness through the suspension more easily, producing a harsher ride on the street. Many newer brands are offering rubber upper mounts. These provide a slight amount of deflection, compared to pillow-ball. While virtually of them will be stiffer than a stock setup, a coilover using rubber mounts will be much more streetable than one using pillow-ball mounts.

Here are some popular coilovers and which mounts they use:. Additionally, some coilovers, like the Tein Street Advance and KW Variant 3sforgo the inclusion of upper-mounts altogether, and instead you just re-use the upper mounts your stock suspension uses. Because the stock suspension uses a large, rubber spring seat, this will almost always offer the smoothest ride, but is not always the best choice for performance.

The Tein Street Advance Coilovers re-use your stock upper mounts. Coilovers are generally all adjusted the same way. Screwing it further into the cup will lower the car, and unscrewing it will raise the car.

The Ultimate Coilover Guide 2019

The only way to go lower from here is to unload the spring. This means the spring is basically loose; you can physically jiggle it around. But when you set the car on the ground, the shock compresses and sits on the spring like normal, and the result is that the car is now lower.

Droop can be a dangerous condition, however. So once the coilover compresses, the spring may land incorrectly, causing serious damage. Helper springs are thin, light springs that are installed between the main spring and the spring mount. They are easily compressible, and exist purely to let the car go lower. Keeping helper springs in place means that even if the main spring is unloaded during driving, the helper spring will stretch out to maintain constant tension on it, keeping it in place to ensure it will land correctly.

They are available from Stance and Powertrix, but are compatible with most other brands. The spring sits in a cup on a control arm, and the shock mounts to spindle and body of the car.

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